• Mask for Sleep Apnea Treatment Machine

    3D Printing Based Customized
    Breathing Mask for CPAP Machine

    Customized sleeping mask by using 3D Medical image and 3D printing to
    optimize nose shape of patient provides comfortable and pleasant sleep.

  • Continuous Positive
    Airway Pressure Machine

    Medical instrument for treating sleep apnea
    CPAP machine is a sleep healthcare device to deliver air from
    outside by detecting patients’ sleep apnea condition
    and interlocking it with patients’ breathing condition

  • Customized Insole

    Customized Insole Based on 3D Printing
    Customized Insole produced with 3D printing technology by measuring
    patient’s foot condition through 3D scanner to design optimal
    arch height, heel height and Varus/Valgus supporting angle

  • Developing Personal and
    Customized Medical Instruments
  • Developing 3D printed
  • Developing IoT healthcare
    mobile platform
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